Want to go especially in winter, attractive parts of Onneyu Spa

[1]Coming 100% directly from hot spring water, The Real Onsen at all accommodations!

Having one of the best quality in Japan, Onneyu Spa

Having more than a hundred since the opening, the reason for being loved for a long time is its high quality and quantity of hot spring water.
Known as "Hot Water of Whitening," you can enjoy the quality of soft texture of Simple Sulfur Hot Spring (expansive high-temperature alkaline hot spring) which is fresh as its just sprung from the source. Onneyu Spa is valued as a "One of Japan's leading Onsen" from its freshness and quality.
At Onneyu Spa, making good use of its high quantity, you can enjoy "Gensen Kakenagashi" (pure onsen water, without adding water and humidification) at all Onsen in this region (Onneyu, Takinoyu, and Ponyu Onsen).

[2]White snowfield spreading all around, take a walk in the white forest

Take a walk in the winter forest, experience the feel of being on the silvery white ground

Going through the forest of Japanese larch and taking the view of Taisetsu Mountain at some distance, it's a 1hr walking course of the 3.5km hill where you can hear the echo. Please enjoy the fresh morning moment with the tour guide.

  • Number of Participants: 2~30
  • Departure: Morning (around 7:00) ※The time is based on your request.
  • Course: About 3.5km/Altitude Difference: About 20m
  • Admission Fee: 500 yen
  • Application: Please apply at each hotel/ryokan

[3]Want to go because it's winter! The aquarium too far away from the sea Aquarium of Mountain.

The world's first Frozen Water Tank, Aquarium of Mountain

Renovated and reopened in 2012, "Aquarium of Mountain" (officially named "Aquarium of Kita-no Daichi") has been getting many people's attention. Unlike others, this aquarium is located at far away from the sea. You can enjoy the display of "The Japan's First," or "The World's First."
Want to have a look especially in winter season is the water tank of river which would froze in winter. You can enjoy the world's first water tank which you can see the fishes living vividly under the frozen river surface. Also, "Waterfall Lake Tank" is the Japan's first display which you can look up the waterfall lake from the bottom. Furthermore, you can enjoy the Japan's biggest fish Ito's large crowd, and the world of other river fishes living in Hokkaido.


A lot of adorable foxes are waiting for you in "Kita-Kitsune Farm"

"Kita-kitsune" is one of the most popular wind animals in Hokkaido. About 60 foxes which you can rarely find in your daily life pesture in Kita-Kutsune farm. You can enjoy watching the Kita-Kitsunes covered with fluffy winter far in the snowy scenery.

[4]Well worth going out of your way to eat, White Lupine Bean Sweets at Onneyu Spa

Precious time with

Rubeshibe area in Kitami city, where Onneyu Spa is located at, is the Japan's largest white lupine bean (known as "Queen of Beans") producing region taking 60% of production in Japan.
At Onneyu Spa, there are many kinds of sweets from white lupine bean! You will sure enjoy the great taste of Mont Blanc, castella, mousse using white lupine bean.

Introduction of the accommodation

Bihaku-no Yuyado Oehonke

Oehonke is a historical ryokan (Japanese style hotel) established in the same year as the Onsen had found in 1899 at Onneyu Spa.
Not just the Onsen which is taken care by the general manager who has a qualification of Onsen sommelier, but also guest rooms and delicious meals using a lot of local products with "Omotenashi" heart are attractive points of this ryokan.

Basic Information

Hokkaido Onneyu Spa, Oehonke
466-1, Onneyu Spa, Rubeshibe-cho, Kitami City

Onneyu Hotel Shikiheianno Yakata

Having the Onsen quality of "hot water of beauty" and extremely fresh 100% pure Onsen, this is a real Onsen ryokan famous for the delicate and delicious food using ingredients gathered from the mountains and the sea in Hokkaido.

Basic Information

Onneyu Hotel Shikiheianno Yakata
Onneyu Spa, Rubeshibe-cho, Kitami City

Hotel Tsutsujiso

Small but cozy Onsen hotel where you can feel the old time Japanese atmosphere. Wild vegetable in spring, mushroom in autumn, they offer food using local ingredients of the seasons. Cleanliness and warm hearted services are also getting high evaluation.

Basic Information

Onsen Hotel Tsutsujiso
392 Onneyu Spa, Rubeshibe-cho, Kitami City

Ryokan Shiobetsu Tsurutsuru Onsen

This Onsen ryokan is popular for its 100% pure source of Onsen, quantity of Onsen, and quality of smooth alkalescent water as the name states "Tsurutsuru (smooth)."
You can enjoy dishes using the blessings of seasonal ingredients at dinner.

Basic Information

201 Takinoyu, Rubeshibe-cho, Kitami City